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Attorney Publications

  • 10/6/17

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 10/06/2017 Deciding Where to File a Case. What Makes a Favorable Venue; Peeking Inside the Decision-Making Process?? Forum: Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference, Moderator

  • 10/19/16

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 10/19/2016 Rocky served on a panel at the ED TX Bench Bar Conference "Double the Forums; District Court and PTAB and Their Effect on Efficiency, Consistency and Redundancy."

  • 10/25/15

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 10/25/2015 Rocky served as Moderator at the 2015 Eastern District Bench Bar Conference: "Choosing When and Where to Fight and What to Fight About", Forum: Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference

  • 5/7/09

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 5/7/2009 Intellectual Property Litigation – Current Trends Forum: Tarrant County Bar Association program on “Breaking Through the Energy and Economic Crises: Regulatory Changes and Emerging Issues”

  • 11/13/08

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 11/13/2008 Aggressive Legal Strategies for Defending the Family Jewels Forum: Fort Worth Intellectual Property Law Association Luncheon Speaker

  • 11/18/02

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 11/18/2002 Texas Digital Systems, Inc. v. Telegenix, Inc. Update Forum: 40th Annual Institute on Intellectual Property Law, Institute of Law and Technology of the Center for American and International Law, Dallas, Texas (Impromptu Dialogue)

  • 5/10/01

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 5/10/2001 Litigation In A Changing Business World - Are You Ready? Forum: Intellectual Property Law, High Tech Panel, Texas Bar CLE

  • 4/19/01

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 4/19/2001 Intellectual Property 2001, Strategic Considerations for Corporate Counsel Forum: American Corporate Counsel Association

  • 6/21/00

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 6/21/2000 Bankruptcy.com, All Hat and No Cattle Forum: United States Bankruptcy Trustee Program, Tri-Regional Seminar

  • 1/1/70

    Richard “Rocky” L. Schwartz: 11/29/2004 Texas Digital Systems, Inc. v. Telegenix, Inc. Update Forum: 5th Annual Intellectual Property Symposium, University of Texas School of Law (Impromptu Dialogue)

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