Non-profit Organizations

At Whitaker Chalk, we place extraordinary value on working with non-profit organizations for the role they play in our local community and around the world. It’s our privilege to use our legal expertise to both protect and further these organizations’ efforts. After all, law plays a key role in non-profits as each organization must be accountable and responsible to those who support them.

We bring multiple disciplines to the challenges that non-profits face. Wise initial planning, formation of the appropriate organizational documents, preparation and filing of tax forms and statutory and regulatory compliance are some of the ways that Whitaker Chalk lawyers assist our non-profit clients.

Our passion for non-profit causes goes beyond our law offices, as many of our lawyers have served or currently serve as officers, members of governing boards, or as General Counsel for non-profit and tax-exempt entities, including:

  • Religious Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Property Owner Associations
  • Sports Organizations
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Foundations
  • Recreational Clubs

Non-profit Organizations Attorneys:

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