Corporate Governance

Whitaker Chalk is well versed in the unique corporate governance issues of non-profits – both as they relate to IRS regulations and requirements and also state law (Texas and elsewhere). We have represented a broad spectrum of non-profits ranging from churches and religious organizations to universities, private schools and foundations. We can provide representation for virtually any need that a non-profit organization might have.

To operate efficiently, a non-profit must be familiar with what is expected of them from a legal perspective. For instance, they are often not exempt from business law issues, such as employment discrimination, OSHA regulations, etc. There are ways that a non-profit should operate in order to comply with state law and IRS regulations, and we stand ready to help non-profits navigate the complicated landscape of law and regulations. One way we help is to provide legal audit services in order to assess weaknesses and strengths in the organization.

We have helped start more than 300 non-profit, tax-exempt entities (both publicly supported entities and private foundations).

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