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Recent Patent Grants to Whitaker Chalk Clients Prosecuted by Stephen S. Mosher

The following recent grants of U. S. Patents represent an important “win” for each respective client.

  1. S. Patent No. 8,281,590, Hinders et al., for “Steam-Based Electric Power Plant Operated on Renewable Energy” combines a wind-powered generator, an electrolysis plane, and a hydrogen-powered boiler to augment the heat content of geothermal fluid fed to a steam turbine electric generator to produce electric power with essentially zero carbon footprint.
  2. S. Patent No. 8,303,297, Tompkins et al., for “Method and Apparatus for Controlling Combustion in a Burner” regulates the volume of combustion air into a burner at a fixed location by processing a measure of local barometric pressure via a simple control algorithm. The system avoids the need for a complex fully metered control system, elaborate feedback, real-time combustion analysis, etc.
  3. S. Patent No. 8,556,106, Bayat, et al., for “Removable Watertight End Cap for Oval Housing” incorporates a threaded body into an oval bulkhead structure that serves as an endcap to the oval housing. Threads of the threaded body extend beyond opposite sides of the end cap (across its minor diameter) to engage with corresponding threads formed into the inside surface of the oval housing. The end cap and the threaded body may be sealed with O-rings.
  4. S. Patent No. 8,666,031, Rowe et al., for a System and Method for Citizen Requests for Assistance” provides a call station having a touch-sensitive display screen for entering a sequence of statements including initiating an alert, reporting a concern, and selecting the type of help needed. The call stations may be installed in public telephone facilities and connected to central locations configured to respond or relay the calls, provide useful content, etc.
  5. S. Patent No. 8,700,788, Gailey et al., for “Method and Apparatus for Automatic Login Initiated Upon a Single Action With Encryption” provides single –click access to a remote web site to facilitate repeated orders for the same service from a vendor. The user’s PC display is configured with an icon downloaded from the remote web site using a software application. A secure link is established without the use of cookies or a file manager, or storing the login information external to the user PC.
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