Energy / Oil & Gas Litigation

Whitaker Chalk represents a variety of clients in oil- and gas- related lawsuits and arbitrations ranging from large independent producers and pipeline companies to defrauded oil and gas investors and surface, mineral and royalty owners. Whether we’re representing individuals or large companies litigating complex cases, our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience in Texas oil and gas litigation. We have represented clients in litigation and arbitrations involving:

  • Pipeline Condemnation and Eminent Domain
  • Mineral Ownership Disputes
  • Executive Rights Disputes
  • Surface Use Disputes and Environmental Contamination
  • Nuisance Claims Due to Oil and Gas Operations
  • Mineral Receiverships
  • Royalty Disputes
  • Joint Operating Agreement, Lease Operation, and Working Interest Disputes
  • Lease Termination Disputes
  • Securities Litigation
  • Pooling Disputes
  • Mineral Interest Pooling Act Issues
  • Oil Field Personal Injury and Property Damage
  • Surface, Subsurface, and Seismic Trespass Disputes
  • Master Service Agreement Disputes
  • Mineral Adverse Possession Claims
  • Governmental Inverse Condemnation Claims
  • Environmental Enforcement, Government Investigation, and Criminal Defense
  • Energy Company Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  • Field Rule Disputes and Well Spacing/Density Exceptions
  • Administrative and Regulatory Representation including before Municipals and the Railroad Commission

Energy / Oil & Gas Litigation Attorneys:

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