Mediation/Settlement Counsel

At Whitaker Chalk, we aren’t just litigators, we are also dispute resolvers and problem solvers. We attempt early mediation when the parties and the circumstances permit.

Mediation is most successful, we have found, when our clients understand the benefits and the challenges of mediation and fully engage in the mediation process.

We often serve as mediators when our clients are not the parties in the dispute. Well-trained mediators with honed mediation skills and experience are a critical ingredient in successful dispute resolution.

Mediation takes all forms and more often resolves disputes when the lawyers and the parties involved understand and commit to the mediation process. Our mediation attorneys prepare our clients for mediation as seriously as we prepare them for litigation.

Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are constantly watching for better, more effective forms of alternative dispute resolution and work to incorporate them into our practice.

We serve as:

  • Settlement counsel
  • Early neutral evaluators
  • Settlement advisers
  • Mock arbitrators
  • Private judges

Mediation/Settlement Counsel Attorneys:

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