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More than ever before, people are finding themselves taking part in the criminal justice system. Alarmingly, the notion of “presumed to be innocent until proven guilty” has eroded. Crimes, by centuries of legal tradition and definition, used to mean that a person meant to do something bad. Today, even common accidents are prosecuted as serious crimes. More and more, people who never tried nor intended to break the law are being arrested. Some crimes are nothing more than complicated regulatory, even bureaucratic, enforcement. However, there are people—in the wrong place at the wrong time—who are being charged as criminals. There is nothing more intimidating than being subject to a criminal investigation or arrest by a police officer or government agent.

By any credible study, 10-20% of people arrested are innocent of their charges. The vast majority are often overcharged to coerce a plea. Whether it’s getting a charge dismissed, negotiating a fair plea bargain or fighting before a jury, you need tough, experienced representation. Without it, you risk the harshest of consequences. Let Whitaker Chalk’s experienced criminal defense lawyers help you to reach the best possible outcome.

Trey Loftin is a former Prosecutor, a former Criminal Judge of State District Court, and is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has tried over 100 cases to jury and won verdicts for his clients from the most simple to the most serious crimes.

White Collar

At Whitaker Chalk, we know that fighting white-collar crime charges requires exceptional skill. We are able to represent you through all stages of investigation, and criminal or civil trials. Effective defense of a charge of white-collar crime requires a team with accounting, business, securities and financial knowledge, along with exceptional trial experience. That’s Whitaker Chalk, and we’re here to stand with you through it all.

Whitaker Chalk can help you with all manner of white collar cases, from complicated Securities Fraud and “Ponzi” schemes to embezzlement and theft. We offer our clients protection in all investigations: asset forfeitures, seizures and liens. We’re there by your side through grand jury proceedings and ultimately jury trials and appeals if necessary.

Whitaker Chalk helps protect you from attacks on licenses and assets, not to mention the negative publicity associated with losing a business or personal prosecution. After all, our business is to protect you and yours, and our experienced team will do just that.

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